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Job Offers

Announcements published here are intended to help the IPIN research community in linking open positions for researchers to people looking for a research carrer in this area. Announcements are published as submitted by the proposers. Proposers willing to have their posts here should send a request with the relevant information to info@ipin-conference.org.

Two PhD positions at University Gustave Eiffel, France
The GEOLOC team at the university Gustave Eiffel has 2 open PhD positions on smart mobility aids for blind persons. The topics are:
- "Continuous learning of kinematic walking models with inertial signals to improve the navigation of people with disabilities"
- "Learning and recognizing virtual beacons to improve the mobility of visually impaired persons".
More information available at
PhD position at Universitat Jaume I, Spain
The A-WEAR Project has reopened a PhD position at Universitat Jaume I with topic ESR16 “Urban Mobility: balancing usefulness & privacy”. More information available at

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