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Research on indoor positioning and indoor navigation includes, in most cases, experimental work for which specific hardware and software tools are developed, including those required to collect data in real-world environments for experimentation and validation of new methods. Datasets and evaluation procedures are also of capital importance for rigorous and fair comparison of new methods with the state-of-the-art. The competitions promoted by IPIN also aim at contributing to a fair and independent benchmarking of new proposed methods and systems.

In this context, many researchers have been sharing datasets, tools and other resources that can be used to facilitate the evaluation of new indoor positioning and navigation solutions, or related systems, and that also contribute to the reproducibility of their work.

This section includes a set of links to some of these resources that have been shared by the research community for the benefit of all.

Visitors to this page are encouraged to contribute to this list; just send us an e-mail with your suggestions. Preferably, the shared resources should be available through stable platforms.


IPIN Competitions:

  • 2015 – Track 3 – Wi-Fi fingerprinting in large environments: link
  • 2016 – Track 3 – Smartphone-based, off-site: link1 and link2
  • 2017 – Track 3 – Smartphone-based, off-site: link1 and link2
  • 2017 – Track 4 – PDR for warehouse picking, off-site: link
  • 2018 – Track 3 – Smartphone-based, off-site: link1 and link2
  • 2018 – Track 4 – Foot-mounted IMU based Positioning, off-site: link1 and link2
  • 2019 – Track 3 – Smartphone based, off-site: link
  • 2019 – Track 4 – Foot-mounted IMU-based: link
  • 2019 – Track 5 – xDR in industrial scenarios: link
  • 2020 – Track 3 – Smartphone based, off-site: link
  • 2020 – Track 4 - Foot-Mounted IMU based Positioning, off-site: link

Other datasets:

  • The mannheim/compass dataset (v. 2008-04-11): link
  • The ncsu/mobilitymodels dataset (v. 2009-07-23) - Human mobility data collected from five different sites: link
  • The uiuc/uim dataset (v. 2012-01-24) - Dataset of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi traces collected from Android phone users at University of Illinois: link
  • The cmu/supermarket dataset (v. 2014-05-27) - Round-trip Time-of-flight Measurements from a supermarket: link
  • The kth/rss dataset (v. 2016-01-05) - Radio Signal Strength data from a mobile robot along with odometer in indoor and outdoor environments: link
  • Crowdsourced WiFi database and benchmark software for indoor positioning (2017): data and paper
  • WLAN (WiFi) RSS database for fingerprinting positioning (2018): link
  • Exploiting Different Combinations of Complementary Sensor's data for Fingerprint-based Indoor Positioning in Industrial Environments: Supplementary Materials (2019): link
  • Wi-Fi Fingerprinting dataset with multiple simultaneous interfaces (2019): data and paper
  • The RuDaCop dataset: data and paper
  • The it/vr2marketbaiaotrial dataset (v. 2019-09-16) - GPS traces collected from a team of firefighters during a forest fire exercise: link

Software tools

  • GetSensorData - App for recording all sensors readings in a smartphone: tool and paper


  • LSR - Localisation Systems Repository: link
  • Zenodo/Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation community: link

The information listed above is just a set of links to their original sources in the web, and is provided only to facilitate its access by researchers in this area. IPIN does not take any responsibility for the contents available through those links, including those related to ownership or copyright.

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