Indoor/outdoor seamless PNT with GNSS and multi-source sensors

Description of the special session:

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) provides high-precision and high-reliability positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services in outdoor environments. However, its performance is hindered in challenging environments such as indoor areas, where signals are blocked by buildings. Fortunately, the precise PNT services in indoor areas are completed by multi-source sensors, including the inertial measurement unit (IMU), light detection and ranging (LiDAR), vision, ultra wide band (UWB), and other sensors. Therefore, indoor/outdoor seamless PNT can be achieved by integrating GNSS and multi-source sensors, and then the resilient and intelligent PNT services can be used in navigation and positioning requirements of various devices.

Novelty and motivation:

High-precision and high-reliability PNT information is crucial for many emerging location-based applications in both indoor and outdoor areas. Whereas the GNSS usually cannot offer high-precision and high-reliability PNT services in challenging environments like indoors. Therefore, the emergence of multi-source sensors completes precise PNT services in indoor environments. However, transitioning between indoor and outdoor situations often compromises positioning accuracy, and reliability is challenging for different devices, such as handheld devices. Consequently, the diversification of GNSS systems, multi-source sensors, and indoor/outdoor observation environments put forward higher requirements for methods to maintain seamless PNT services. Advanced technologies serve as the key to solving practical application challenges related to GNSS and multi-source sensors, thereby enabling resilient and intelligent indoor/outdoor PNT services.

Scope of the session:

In this Special Session, we invite authors to submit papers related (but not limited) to:

  • High-precision/high-reliability PNT with GNSS.
  • High-precision/high-reliability PNT with multi-source sensors
  • Seamless PNT with GNSS and multi-source sensors in indoor/outdoor areas
  • Resilient and intelligent PNT services
  • Applications of PNT with GNSS and multi-source sensors


  • GNSS
  • Multi-source sensors
  • Seamless PNT
  • Indoor/outdoor areas

Session chairs:

  • Dr. Cheng Yang (China University of Geosciences Beijing)
  • Dr. Zhetao Zhang (Hohai University)