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Announcements published here are intended to help the IPIN research community in linking open positions for researchers to people looking for a research carrer in this area. Announcements are published as submitted by the proposers. Proposers willing to have their posts here should send a request with the relevant information to info@ipin-conference.org.

Research Opportunities in Indoor Localization and Proximity Detection National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Gaithersburg, MD, USA
NIST has openings for up to two Guest Researcher (GR) positions in its Gaithersburg, Maryland Campus. These positions are open to anyone, regardless of nationality. Foreign GRs would work at NIST under J-1 exchange visitor visas. The initial appointment is for one year, but it can be extended on a yearly basis for up to five years depending on mutual interest.
1. The first position is in cooperative indoor localization. This includes algorithm development, realistic modeling and simulation of the indoor localization system(s) developed, and preferably demonstrating the efficacy of the developed algorithm(s) on commercially off the shelf products through comprehensive performance evaluation. This position requires a Ph.D. in EE or CS. Prior knowledge of indoor localization would be a plus, but not required. Solid background in wireless networking and digital signal processing is a must. In addition, any candidate for this position is expected to have strong computing skills.
2. The second position is in proximity detection in the context of electronic contact tracing and exposure notification to combat the spread of highly infectious diseases such as COVID-19. The goal is to develop highly effective wearable devices that provide accurate ranging, expend minimal energy, and are of small size and weight. They also need to be privacy preserving. The minimum degree requirement for this position is a M.S. degree in EE or CS and a basic background in wireless networking and digital signal processing. This position requires proficiency in programming microcomputers and working with hardware and electronic parts.
Gaithersburg, MD is 20 miles away from downtown Washington, DC and all the cultural and historic amenities that this major metropolitan area provides. The starting date for these positions is ideally in September 2022.
If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Nader Moayeri at moayeri@nist.gov, attach your c.v., and specify which position you are applying for. You can also ask any questions you might have. We will ask for reference letters for certain candidates after a preliminary evaluation of the applications received.
Please feel free to pass along this announcement to your graduating students and other junior researchers looking for a position.
PhD position at Universitat Jaume I, Spain
The A-WEAR Project has reopened a PhD position at Universitat Jaume I with topic ESR16 “Urban Mobility: balancing usefulness & privacy”. More information available at

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