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The IPIN conference started with its first edition in 2010, hosted by ETH Zurich.

Location information of devices in indoor environments has become a key issue for many emerging applications. However, there is no overall and easy solution. Therefore, IPIN brings together experts in electronics, surveying and informatics.
IPIN 2010, showed to be the forum of excellence to join researchers, system developers, and service providers in the area of indoor positioning and navigation. With hundreds of participants, both from academia and industry, it was proved that there is a large and very active community working in indoor positioning and navigation worldwide.

The following events confirmed the vitality of this research community, and took place at Guimarães, Portugal (IPIN 2011), Sydney, Australia (IPIN 2012), and Montbéliard, France (IPIN 2013), Busan, Korea (IPIN 2014), Banff, Calgary, Canada (IPIN 2015), Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain (IPIN 2016), Sapporo, Japan (IPIN 2017), Nantes, France (IPIN 2018), and Pisa, Italy (IPIN 2019). The 2020 edition, planned to take place at Beijing, China, has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest event took place in Lloret de Mar, Spain (IPIN 2021). The next event will take place at Beijing, China in 2022.

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IPIN organization bids:

The IPIN Steering Committee invites research labs, universities or other institutions with relevant work in the area of Positioning and Navigation to submit a bid for the organization of future IPIN conferences (>=2024).
Prospective candidate institutions should submit their manifestation of interest to info@ipin-conference.org.
Bidding guidelines can be downloaded here.


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