IPIN competition 2019

28-29 September 2019 - Pisa, Italy

The EvAAL framework has been the base for the 2011-2013 EvAAL competitions and, since 2014, for the IPIN Indoor Localisation Competition, aiming at establishing benchmarks and evaluation metrics for comparing indoor localisation solutions.

In 2019, for the sixth year, the IPIN conference hosts this challenging competition, bringing together the academic and industrial research communities for evaluating different approaches and envisioning new research opportunities.

Read the Call for Competition for an overview, subscribe to the competition discussion mailing list contest@evaal.aaloa.org, attend the IPIN conference to meet the competing teams and compare their results both for the live on-site tracks and the off-site ones.

Information for attendees

The on-site IPIN competition (tracks 1 & 2) takes place on Sunday at the ISTI institute of the CNR Area of Pisa, not far from the conference venue. If you attend the competition, either as a competitor, track chair or spectator, you should carefully read the instructions for competition attendees.

Information for competitors

We have a dedicated page with instructions for competitors.

Competition - Important Dates
  • Competition track proposal:

    30 March

  • Technical description:

    15 July

    30 August

  • Notification of admission:

    1 week time

  • Result submission (off-site tracks):

    14 September

  • Survey and setup (on-site tracks):

    28 September

  • Competition (on-site tracks):

    29 September

A video of the EvAAL-Etri 2016 edition at IPIN: