Instructions for competitors

First of all, please read the instructions for competition attendees.

We meet at CNR Area, via G. Moruzzi 1, Pisa; at the entrance of the CNR Area the guard will ask for your name and let you in; inside, you'll find indications to get to Building B, Gate 19, first floor, Room C29.

The CNR Area is 3 km awayfrom the railway station. You can reach it on foot or by the LAM verde bus, with a trip of about 15 minutes to the Volpi-CNR bus station.

Buses depart every 10 minutes on Saturday and every 40 minutes on Sunday, when a run is scheduled to depart from the railway station at 9.03 (but be prepared for delays). This is the list of bus station names:

  • Stazione 6
  • Battisti
  • Crispi 1
  • Crispi 2
  • Pacinotti 1
  • Pacinotti 2
  • Mediceo 1
  • Mediceo 2
  • S.Marta 1
  • S.Marta 2
  • De Amicis
  • S.Giovanni Bosco 1
  • S.Giovanni Bosco 2
  • Garibaldi 1
  • Volpi - CNR
  • From the Volpi-CNR bus station to CNR

    LAM verde from railway station to Volpi-CNR bus stop.

    We provide a lunch and coffee on both Saturday and Sunday, but no breakfast. As of now, there is some possibility of a raining day on Saturday, so you'd better bring an umbrella with you just in case.

    Wi-FI access is available on the SSID IPIN2019 with pass 2019ipin2019.

    In case you get lost, you can call me on my mobile (+39.348.8283.107) or send a message with Telegram (preferred), Whatsapp, Wechat (id: francescopot), Whatsapp (id: wnlabisti).

    Saturday 28

    See you starting from 9 o'clock in Room C29 (see above for indications).

    Saturday is devoted to surveying the competition area and checking the format of logs produced by your software. Competitors using a smartphone have the possibility of re-checking the integration of their localization app with StepLogger. The real path will be revealed only the day after. This is what we expect from you:

    • First of all: "Welcome to Pisa"
    • [smartphone] check correct integration of your app with Steplogger.
    • Double check the correct format of the required log files buttonsPressed.log and positions.log.
    • Test your app with a fake path of 15 minutes both indoor and outdoor. Double check with us the correct format of the generated log files. Moreover, be sure your software is able to run for the whole duration of the path ([smartphone] consider the use of a power bank if needed).
    • Survey the environment: you can collect any kind of data such as Wi-Fi access point locations, pictures, measurements of the building features and so on.

    Competitors must go out of the competition area no later than 19.45.


    Starting at 9 am, we expect all of you to be in Room C29 no later than 9.30 (see above for indications).

    Competition day: every competitor is required to test their localization app with a real-world pedestrian multi-floor, multi-building path lasting 15-20 minutes. The path is marked with numbered stickers on the floor. You will not use your localization app yourselves: rather, an actor will test your app for you for better similarity of conditions among competitors.

    We set a random order for start, but you can exchange places with other teams, and you can give up your slot and wait for another slot to free up, but consider that Our target closing time is 15.00.

    This is what we expect from you:

    • a running localization app
    • software configured and ready to be used by the actor ([smartphone] with Steplogger up and running)
    • 2 runs of the path: we will consider the best one
    • patience and a collaborative approach

    See you in Pisa and good luck to everyone

    Michele, Francesco and the whole EvAAL team