Call for Journal-to-Conference Track

    Last Update
  • 08/Jan/2023

This year, we think about experimenting with a new Journal-to-Conference track, through which the authors of published journal articles at selected journals would be given the opportunity to present their work at the IPIN conference. This initiative is inspired by the NeurIPS/ICLR/ICML Journal-to-Conference track, where published articles are eligible for presentation at sponsoring conferences.

As an initial experiment, this track will be considering published articles from the IEEE Journal of Indoor and Seamless Positioning and Navigation (J-ISPIN), for presentation at IPIN 2023.


Eligible articles must: Have been published at J-ISPIN before 30.05.2023. Not contain contributions that have already been published at a conference by the same authors (especially not IPIN). In other words, the journal article cannot be an extension of a previous IPIN conference paper publication (avoid redundant presentations). This first cycle of the "J-ISPIN to IPIN" track will be used to gather experience with this format and determine whether and how future cycles for this track should continue.

Request to present

To request a presentation, the author of an eligible J-ISPIN published article must submit their request using the following form at Email:
  • Subject: J-ISPIN Journal-to-Conference Track: Request to Present
  • E-Mail-Adresse:
  • Title of J-ISPIN article:
  • Author list of J-ISPIN article:
  • Full name of Associate Editor assigned to J-ISPIN article:
  • Date of publication of J-ISPIN article (DD/MM/YYYY):
  • I confirm that this article is *not* an extension of a previously published conference paper, with overlapping contributions (Yes / No, comment):
  • Public link to published paper in J-ISPIN proceedings:
The IPIN conference has the deadline for receiving requests, as follows: 30.06.2023

All requests to present eligible articles (as defined above) will be accepted, up until the presentation capacity of the host conference is reached.

For more information, see the FAQ below or reach out to us at Email.

Oversight Committee J-ISPIN Journal to Conference Track


  • Q: Which journal(s) are eligible?
    • A: Only IEEE Journal of Indoor and Seamless Positioning and Navigation (J-ISPIN).
  • Q: Does this track accept journal articles that are extensions of a previous (IPIN) conference publication by the same authors?
    • A: No.
  • Q: How old can eligible journal articles be?
    • A: The article must have been published by J-ISPIN before 30.05.2023.
  • Q: What is the deadline to submit a request to present at a chosen conference:
    • A: The deadlines are specific to each IPIN conference and are as follows: IPIN 2023: 30.06.2023
  • Q: Will the article be included in the chosen conference’s proceedings?
    • A: No. This track only provides an additional opportunity to present the work. It shall not be considered as being published in the proceedings of the chosen conference.
  • Q: Do I have to submit a version of the journal article in the conference’s publication style format?
    • A: No. We only refer to the original published version in its open access format.
  • Q: What type of presentation will be provided by the chosen conference?
    • A: Generally, the presentation offered will follow the format of a typical poster presentation at the chosen conference. The exact session that will include the presentation will be decided by each conference committee while creating the conference program.
  • Q: What is the review process, how are articles selected?
    • A: There is no further peer review done on submitted articles; they are only checked to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria (see Eligibility above).
  • Q: May the deadline be extended / can I request a deadline extension?
    • A: No; the deadline is already as late as possible (for venue planning, visa purposes etc.) and is firm. Extensions will not be made for any reason.