Registration Fees

    Last Update
  • 13/Dec/2022

The Registration Platform is open!

Complete registration is required from at least one author of each accepted paper. One complete registration covers inclusion of 1 paper in the conference proceedings and in the conference program and one paper associated with the participation of the IPIN competition.

Early Regular
(before 31/07/2023) (from 01/08/2023)
Complete Registration 795€ 995€
Complete Registration (IEEE or STUDENT) 595€ 795€
Additional Exhibition personal for sponsors 275€ 475€
Offsite Competition (only) Registration 300€ 300€
- - -
Additional Fees
Partner Fee 150€ 150€
Tutorials 75€ 125€
Additional Paper (RP, WiP) 295€ 295€
Additional Competition Track 150€ 150€
Additional Page Fee 100€ 100€

The Complete Registration covers:

  • access to all conference sessions (parallel sessions, poster sessions and exhibition)
  • presentation and inclusion of one regular paper OR one WiP paper
  • participation in one Track of the IPIN competition (and inclusion of the corresponding paper that describes the system)
  • all social activities (the gala dinner, sightseeing tour in Nuremberg and icebreaker session)
  • coffee breaks with snacks, lunch, event participation and welcome cocktail at icebreaker session

!! The Complete Registration excludes: tutorials, any kind of second paper (regular paper, WiP paper), additional IPIN competition Track, and additional page fees !!

Additional Exhibition personal for sponsors
This ticket is for sponsors only and grants access to the exhibition and social events only, but no access to the technical sessions.

To allow everyone the same opportunities of presenting their paper to the participants, there will be an additional paper fee”. If you submit more than one paper, a fee of 295€ will be raised for each additional paper. Furthermore, a “page fee” of 100€ per page is imposed for papers of more than 6 pages. The Competition paper will also be considered as an additional paper and costs 100€ in addition to the normal paper.

Partner Fee
It is possible to bring a companion to the conference. This person can only participate in social activities such as the gala dinner and the sightseeing tour for the price of 150€.

Visa invitation letter

If you need a visa to enter Germany, please register in due time; if you need an invitation letter while registering or should you have any special requirements for your visa, be sure to contact us in due time.

For each each person requesting an invitation letter, we need:

  • Full name
  • Birthday
  • Country of birth + country of residence
  • Company / Affiliation